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נתב תקשורת קטן ועוצמתי המספק קישוריות אינטרנט יציבה ומהירה. EKRONET הוא הגרסה החדשה והקופמקטית של נתב EKRON.


שירותי ניתוב וניהול רשת

EKRON הוא פלטפורמת SDN, המארחת רכיבי רשת תקשורת ושירותי רשת בממשק אחד בענן.

הוא פותח על סמך נסיון רב והוא נשען על טכנולוגיות שונות בתחום ה-IT, המאפשרות קישוריות יציבה, מהירה וחכמה לאינטרנט.


The EKRON SDN platform


The EKRON Platform hosts the Virtual services for the SMB, SME, and  Enterprise sectors like Firewall, Router, IP-PBX, WIFI controller, uplink load balancer and 24/7 ICT monitoring system. The software-driven EKRON gives you the flexibility to create innovative services, such as SD-WAN.

The EKRON eliminates the operational complexities of deploying multiple CPE types to meet many customer service needs. System admins use the EKRON to implement flexible, secure, high-performance services on premises, and enterprises can deploy it to spin up branches on demand. 
EKRON is a universal CPE platform upon which other services can be provisioned. 
The only limitation for provisioning services on EKRON universal CPE is the memory size. EKRON runs on an x86 platform with CPU and Memory in different sizes.

The EKRON presents the same high-performance functionality as physical CPE, with the added flexibility of dynamic service creation in an open environment.
Ekron is a combination of hardware and software that provide a complete communication solution for any size of an organization.
Ekron is also a powerful SDN router installed in the enterprise, connecting the local network to the high-bandwidth Internet with built-in backup. An information security system. Firewall and Internet threats protection ensure peace of mind while surfing the net. However, this is just the beginning ... 
 Akron monitors all the computer components in the organization, like  Internet connections, ISPs, computer networks components, telephony, WIFI,  printers, wireless links, ITO and all SNMP support equipment. The control system displays all the equipment inventory of the customer using a system of graphs and tables, including location on the Google map. All ICT components are monitored 24/7 each item has an information baseline that allows, with the help of advanced algorithms, prediction of failures before they occur.
Ekron provides NOC service, automatic SMS reporting, and cloud ticket management system.
Ekron is an SDN product that is installed on virtual infrastructure and can run on any X86 computing infrastructure or HCI.
SMBIT provides software and hardware solutions according to the size of the organization.
Ekron installed in hundreds of organizations in Israel in small offices, large education campuses and enterprise entities. 


SDN NFV Platform


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