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SMBIT has been operating since 2012 in the IT field.

The basket of services and products that we provide to our diverse clientele is extremely broad, so we can provide end-to-end service, and take responsibility for the ICT sector at the client's place.

We at SMBIT love new technologies.   We believe that new technology leads to a better quality of life, this is not just a slogan, we work to promote modern technologies such as: Internet systems based on line consolidation, high bandwidth link solutions In millimeter waves, groundbreaking WIFI solutions and more.

For the past 6 years, we have been serving business clients, municipal clients and education system clients, and provide quality and cost-effective solutions. We led and carried out first class projects, for which we won awards. We have an ISO quality standard that indicates a level of quality in the field of communications. We are a Ministry of Defense supplier, an internet provider in the Ministry of Communications and have a license to trade in various wireless equipment.

The company's employees are a professional and high-quality team ready for any task, we live ICT and breathe service. Each and every one of the company's employees is one of the best. Together we provide professional, courteous and fair service to each and every customer.

Looking for ICT solutions?  The SMBIT team will be happy to be at your disposal at any time and for any task. 

For information, a question or a quote, call now!  077-6001070 

The service contract

  • Act according to the company's values: responsibility, professionalism, availability and mutual respect.

  • To provide the best service,  quickly and while constantly improving.

  • Make every effort to understand the customer's needs and offer an appropriate, efficient and professional solution.

  • Provide our customers with reliable, professional and accurate information.

  • protect the interests of our customers.

  • To be worthy of our customers' trust and to be an example of personal honesty.

  • To treat our customers with respect and appreciation.

  • To create an atmosphere of partnership and complete identity of interests with the client.

  • Provide a variety of means of communication to the customer:  Service portal, telephone answering.

  • To be available to our customers, in accordance with the service contract, SLA.

ISO quality standard

SMBIT has a certificate of compliance with the ISO 9001 standard in its updated 2015 edition on marketing, sales, integration, installation and service of infrastructures and advanced communication systems. 

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