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A smart city, the first project in Israel, an optical communication network using GPON technology was installed in Nahariya Municipality. In the first phase, the network provides fast wireless internet on Hagaton Boulevard and the nearby beach. The   GPON  network: a fast and advanced communication network solution based on end-to-end optical fibers to the main provider of the network built up to 20 km Support for thousands of users and end units that convert to the Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 standard. In the middle, only passive splitters of the optical signal are installed and all this without switches, communication cabinets, cooling systems and UPS. Immediate savings in installation and operation expenses. The era of copper wires is over.

Rehovot - the first wireless smart city in Israel

The SMBIT company installed in the city of Rehovot a wireless communication network in the millimeter wave frequency as an infrastructure for a smart, safe and economical city.

2017 computing excellence winner.

Rashalat - Pedagogical metro project

The SMBIT company established in Israel a municipal communication system, which connects all the schools in the city, to one communication center that provides fast pedagogical Internet, advanced content filtering, a managed WIFI network and security, attendance clocks , a link from NBS, IP telephony and more.

2015 computing excellence winner.

Rehovot - the ICT project

The SMBIT company replaced the municipal computer system in the Rehovot municipality. The project included all IT systems in the municipality in 35 branches. The municipality of Rehovot has placed itself at the forefront of technology, while improving service to the citizen and introducing operational savings of the IT system.

2015 computing excellence winner.

Tiberias - Caesar Hotel

The SMBIT company established a new communication system at the Caesar Hotel in Tiberias. The system includes Akron  to obtain very high bandwidth and high survivability of the communication system, quality switches for Internet transmission, WIFI, telephony and cameras and access points for a perfect wireless network.

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