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 A groundbreaking communication solution for managing systems in an organization

Akron is a combination of hardware and software that provides a complete communication solution for any size of organization.

Akron is a powerful enterprise-installed SDN router, connecting the local network to the Internet at high bandwidth with built-in backup. An information security system and protection against Internet threats ensures peace of mind while surfing.


But this is only the beginning... Akron monitors all ICT components in the organization for example: Internet connections, computer network, telephony, WIFI, access controls, printers, wireless links, ITO and all SNMP supporting equipment. The control system displays all the customer's equipment inventory with the help of a system of graphs and tables, including a location on a Google map. All communication components are monitored 24/7, an information base is established for each item that allows, with the help of advanced algorithms, to predict faults before they occur.

Akron provides NOC service with all automatic SMS reports, as well as a call management system in the cloud.

Akron is an SDN product that is installed on top of a virtual infrastructure and can run on any X86 computing infrastructure

The SMBIT company provides the software and hardware solutions according to the size of the organization

Akron is installed in hundreds of organizations in Israel

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