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Speed of a fiber in air

The "wireless fiber" is installed around the world and in Israel, and is used to connect urban infrastructures and create a wireless metro network.

Schools, camera sites, municipal buildings  public WIFI and more can be connected to one private, economical and stable network.

The advantages of technology

  • Bandwidth of up to 5,000 megabytes 

  • Reliability of 90 years MTBF

  • Free frequency and not busy

  • Transmitter, antenna and switch - in one case

  • An aesthetic unit that fits into the environment

  • Zero radio radiation

millimeter waves 

Transferring data at a very high rate using a very narrow beam, in a frequency range that is immune to radio frequency interference.

The technology enables the establishment  of a fast and secure communication network, which operates in an emergency without dependence on a third party, including AES 256 encryption.

Technology safety

  • Very low power consumption

  • Operation also with a solar system

  • Low radiation  home wireless router 

  • Extremely narrow transmission beam

  • Installation on street poles and roofs

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