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Advanced private cloud computing solution HCI

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Hyper-converged Infrastructure תשתית תקשוב וירטואלית הכוללת רכיבי מחשוב וירטואלי, תשתית אחסון וירטואלית ותשתית רשת וירטואלית. הפתרון מבוסס מעבדי X86 הכוללים את יכולות החישוב והאחסון של שרתים סטנדרטיים, יחד עם מערך תוכנות עם יכולות אינטליגנציה מלאכותית ולמידה אוטומטית מתקדמת המייצרת פתרון המחליף את הפתרונות הישנים של שרתים, מערכי זכרון ותשתית אחסון נפרדים; SAN\NAS. בעזרת טכנולוגית ה Hyper-converged  ניתן ליצר ענן פרטי גמיש, יציב, מאובטח ושריד.

פתרון NUTANIX כולל את כוח המחשוב, האחסון, רשת התקשורת והווירטואליזציה הנדרשים ליצירת פתרון ענן, וכל זאת בשטח מצומצם בארון התקשורת. תוכנת NUTANIX מורכבת משני חלקים עיקריים: אקרופוליס ופריזם:

Acropolis היא שכבת הריטואליזציה שפתחה נוטניקס והיא נקראת AHV. אקרופוליס מנהלת את חלוקת המידע ברכיבי הזיכרון והווירטואליזציה וכן את היכולת להעביר אפליקציות בין מכונות ובעתיד גם בין עננים.

Prism היא מערכת ניהול מבוזרת העושה שימוש ביכולות אנליטיקה ויוריסטיקה לטובת ניהול קל ויעיל של עומסי עבודה בין השרתים, רשת האחסון ורכיבי הזיכרון השונים. העברת שרתי אפליקציה מסביבה ישנה אחרת מתבצע בקלות ובמהירות. 

לאשכול NUTANIX ניתן לחבר אין ספור שרתי חומרה (צומת), שהם אבני הבניין של האשכול, לפתרון אין נקודת כשל אחת או בעיית צוואר בקבוק. כל יחידת מידע של הלקוח משוכפלת לשלושה מופעים בו זמנית, שכפול מידע זה מאפשר להתגבר על 2 תקלות חומרה בו זמניות, לדוגמא כשל של דיסק וכשל שרת באשכול המתרחשים בו זמנית, בשרתים נפרדים. גם כשל במערכת הניהול או בזמן שדרוג, אינו משפיע על זמינות המידע. בכל שרת באשכול, קיים העתק של ניהול המידע.

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Hyper-converged Infrastructure A virtual ICT infrastructure that includes virtual computing components, a virtual storage infrastructure and a virtual network infrastructure. The solution is based on X86 processors that include the calculation and storage capabilities of standard servers, together with an array of software with artificial intelligence capabilities and advanced automatic learning that produces a solution that replaces the old solutions of separate servers, memory arrays and storage infrastructure; SAN\NAS. With the help of hyper-converged technology   it is possible to create a flexible, stable, secure and residual private cloud.

The NUTANIX solution includes the computing power, storage, communication network and virtualization required to create a cloud solution, and all this in a limited space in the communication cabinet. The NUTANIX software consists of two main parts: Acropolis and Prism:

Acropolis is the ritualization layer developed by Nutnix and is called AHV. Acropolis manages the distribution of information in the memory and virtualization components as well as the ability to transfer applications between machines and in the future also between clouds.

Prism is a distributed management system that uses analytics and heuristics for easy and efficient management of workloads between the servers, the storage network and the various memory components. Transferring application servers from another old environment is done easily and quickly. 

Countless hardware servers (nodes) can be connected to the NUTANIX cluster, which are the building blocks of the cluster, the solution does not have a single point of failure or bottleneck problem. Each unit of customer information is replicated to three instances at the same time, this replication of information makes it possible to overcome 2 hardware failures at the same time, for example a disk failure and a server failure in the cluster occurring simultaneously, on separate servers. Even a failure in the management system or during an upgrade does not affect the availability of the information. On each server in the cluster, there is a copy of the information management.


The integrity of the information is achieved in NUTANIX by the Acropolis software, which includes a set of proactive tools for identifying and correcting flaws in the integrity of the information.

The information follows the app. When moving a virtual machine from a node (physical server A) to a node (physical server B), the information related to the virtual machine is transferred in the background.

NUTANIX has optimization capabilities with 2 systems that prevent duplication of information Deduplication, compression in real time or after writing.

Pro tip: It is advisable to choose real time compression.

Do you have PRO or RTO requirements?  for NUTANIX tools for setting policies according to the requirement of each application.


Confused teacher, what is PRO\RTO?  The RTO value determines how much time we have until recovery from a fall. PRO determines how much information we allow to be lost due to a fall.

Unlimited backup. NUTANIX has the ability to create unlimited restore points, an algorithmic array ensures excellent performance and efficiency of the restore array.   In addition, it is possible to produce complete replicas based  on a snapshot and transfer them to the DR environment  or another data center, based on automatic scheduling. Restoring snapshots is performed with one click in the management system, easy and simple. In addition, the Acropolis system allows the restoration of a single file from a backup copy without the need for an administrator's intervention.

NUTANIX can connect to public clouds such as Amazon or Google, as backup clouds for data. You can set up a cluster, for example in EC2. 

In addition, for those interested in both PRO and RTO close to zero, two sites backed up between them can be established in the metro network.

Pro tip: It is desirable that the delay value does not exceed 5 milliseconds, round and round.

Security by hardening. NUTANIX applies the minimum privileges model as part of the security policy, there is the possibility to work with double authentication and data-at-rest encryption in the FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliance standard. Nutanix meets the strict standards of the US Department of Defense .

Open source, yes at NUTANIX we also use open source, the Salt Stack project allows checking and correcting deviations from the established security settings.


Free transition to any platform; NUTANIX makes it possible to transfer applications between heterogeneous environments. It is possible to transfer an application from another infrastructure to NUTANIX, between NUTANIX infrastructures with different hypervisors or from a NUTANIX environment to a public cloud.

NUTANIX's   Hypervisor software was designed from the ground up to fit the hyperconverged architecture and is adapted for use by DevOps or DBA teams and not just virtualization professionals.

Unlimited, the number of clusters supported by NUTANIX is unlimited. The number of virtual machines per server is limited only by the amount of memory in the machine. As above, the number of machines at the cluster level.

NUTANIX differs from the competition in simple and easy operation of a sophisticated, efficient and fast engineering solution of a private cloud.

Do you have a server in the office? Hosting servers? Or an expensive cloud provider?

You are welcome to talk to our cloud experts in order to get the most affordable offer for moving to the private cloud at SMBIT 

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