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UBIQUITI | Ubiquity

SMBIT is an authorized reseller of UBIQUITI products

UBIQUITI - Ubiquiti

UBIQUITI is an American communications giant, a manufacturer   of WIFI solutions with the most advanced technology, specializing in managed WIFI systems, managed switches  and wireless links.

The company manufactures a wide variety of products to establish WIFI networks of any size and for any purpose.

The company's products include: POE switches, access points, wireless links and a control and management system, in the cloud and in a mobile application.


Controller unify innovative and advanced, adapted to the regulatory requirements of the Ministry of Communications.

Communication switches

Advanced communication switches, specially adapted for wireless networks.

AC standard ACCESS POINT for establishing a fast, reliable and affordable wireless network.

WIFI - access points

Ancillary equipment

Ancillary equipment that supports the advanced technology.

Quality links at an affordable price

A variety of 2.4 GHz wireless links with frequency filtering capability.

Security routers

Powerful routers with routing and security capabilities for managing and maintaining the communication network in the organization.

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