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Smart communication solutions



SMBIT הינה חברת שירותים בתחום התקשורת ומערכות תקשוב המספקת מגוון פתרונות מתקדמים לעסקים, רשויות מקומיות  ולמערכת החינוך.

SMBIT מביאה ללקוחותיה אינטרנט מהיר ומשתלם.

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ICT integration, the one-stop-shop for smart cities and IoT solutions powered byEKRON-Smart City systems management & Cyber


Main areas of activity

  • Establishment of communication solutions

  • Routing, switching and unification of lines 

  • Professional WIFI UBIQUITI

  • Millimeter wave wireless links

  • IoT solutions - LoRa 

  • Fiber optic GPON

  • A smart city from end to end EKRON

  • Monitoring and control systems


systemsWIFIand wireless links

Specializing in WIFI solutions for any environment. Planning the establishment and maintenance of networks

Managed WIFI:

Education, business, logistics and turnover.

Establishing millimeter wave links with huge bandwidth.

WIFI solutions 

Internet of Things: IoT - LoRa

Advanced communication solutions

Planning, establishment and maintenance of computing and communication environments: information security, routers, switches, WIFI, wireless links, IP telephony, analytics for cameras, ITIL monitoring systems, servers, hybrid and cloud virtual environments, backup,

Archive, Metro Communications, VPN,

MS and Linux systems.

Routing, information security and line consolidation 

In-depth experience and knowledge in routing systems, information security, line consolidation systems for survivability and high bandwidth on virtual platforms with SDN technology, VNF based on platforms: EKRON, JUNIPER

Monitoring and control, the next generation

Specialization in monitoring and control systems

of communication equipment, software, IOT servers, and industry.

ICT inventory management in the ITIL standard,

SHOB services, SMS messages

On the status of the sensors, 24/7 monitoring services for ICT systems.

Carrying out end-to-end projects

SMBIT carries out projects in the field of communication in a variety of fields: setting up systems, transition to the cloud, urban and metro communication, smart city, building control systems, camera and analytics systems, transition to Office 365, Google, core branding and access, information security,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ telephony systems.

Wide deployment sensor network

The IoT is already here. Deployment of hundreds of different types of sensors for a variety of industries, smart cities, agriculture and more by LoRa technology.   coverage of dozens of kilometers, operation  by batteries for up to 10 years Multi-system management application (no SIM required)



We at SMBIT love new technologies. We believe that new technology leads to a better quality of life.

For about 7 years, we have been serving business clients, municipal clients and clients from the Israeli education system, and providing them with solutions that operate at the core of the communication activity. We led and carried out first class projects, for which we won awards. We have an ISO quality standard that indicates a quality level in the field of communication.

We provide end-to-end solutions in all areas of ICT and adhere to a high level of service. We will be happy to be at your disposal at any time for any task. 

Call  077-6001070 and we will arrive.

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