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הדף בבניה

Safe search in search engines

Browsing the search engines will display safe results for pedagogical use without compromising the academic requirements.

Pedagogical content filtering

An innovative content filtering solution that includes pedagogical browsing capabilities, student protection and browsing acceleration capabilities (proxy).

Possibility of different filtering levels depending on the location in the school.

Economical telephony

An advanced digital switchboard for the school that includes a call routing system, voice mail and fax to email at a very competitive price.

Communications infrastructure

Layout of professional communication infrastructures, construction and arrangement of communication cabinets by skilled teams. Marking of sockets and cabinets in favor of quick operation of malfunctions.

Security Cameras

Security cameras for the school, a recording and viewing system for authorized users only according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education.

A variety of cameras for every budget and purpose.

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