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הדף בבניה

Internet and WIFI - WIFIprofessional

אינרטנט וויפי מקצועי מהיר ומשתלם לעסק, לארגון, למשרד ולבית מלון -UBIQUITI  - Ubiquitous.

Advanced access points AP  with smart management capabilities and simple to operate, a cloud controller and a powerful mobile application.

Security cameras and analytics

Security cameras, LPR, thermal cameras in a variety of diagnostics. 

Analytics and information fusion solutions to get a comprehensive picture of the organization.

Advanced cloud telephony

Advanced Centrix solution in the cloud - IP phone extensions, door extensions.

Advanced voice recognition capability for an innovative customer experience.

Communications infrastructure

Planning and establishing stable communication infrastructures that include switching,   copper and optical infrastructures according to the needs of the organization.

Arrangement and documentation of cabinets and communication rooms.

Communication switches

Communication switches for all purposes design, installation, and maintenance of switching systems.

Access, aggregation and core switches, ruggedized switches for industrial and IOT environments.

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