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Smart solutions for data centers - the next generation

Cooling by immersion of servers in liquid. A revolution in operating servers in computer rooms, production and backup sites, data centers, 5th generation sites, CDN and more. A variety of modular solutions that allow you to run high performance servers while saving space, energy and total operation._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
A variety of solutions for submerging future performance servers

The servers are immersed in liquid, including electricity and communication


Data centers are increasingly looking for ways to optimize and improve resource consumption and make them green and sustainable. By adopting immersion cooling techniques (the servers are immersed in a special cooling liquid), it is possible to ensure that the computing infrastructures provide peak outputs while reducing resources. The immersion technology is the leading solution for the creation of advanced and sustainable computing sites that generate savings while increasing productivity.

How does the method work? 

Coolant for immersion servers

Immersion cooling is a technique used to cool components of IT equipment by immersing the computer components in a special liquid that has excellent thermal conduction properties and electrical insulation (the liquid has a very high electrical resistance and does not transmit electricity at all). Using the liquid in which the servers are immersed, heat is efficiently transferred from the equipment to the liquid From a thermodynamic point of view, that means the cooling is fast, immediate and very efficient. Think of a hot pan that can be cooled immediately with water or placed in front of an air conditioner and wait a good few minutes.

There are a large number of advantages to immersion in liquid:   Savings of about 40 percent in electricity consumption, savings in floor space of hundreds of percent, servers can be crowded significantly in relation to air cooling, there is no corrosion and no exposure to dust, the temperature is uniform, no Exposure to vibrations. The equipment lives for more years and the MTBF level (mean time between failures) increases by dozens of percent. On top of that, the solution is green and allows the equipment to be operated even in places where the electricity supply is limited.

 Evaporate the heat effortlessly!! 

Dry coolers are cooling devices that use air to regulate process temperature. These units replace the accumulated heat entering the cooler with air that circulates inside. Dry coolers have a simple and powerful design that includes fans that push the airflow through the heat exchanger to cool the coolant passing through them. These are  very simple systems that do not consume electricity, except fans

אמבט ומצנן.png
Evaporating the heat using a dry cooler, efficient, economical and simple to install. 
The coolant also protects the equipment from dust and corrosion, the fluid must be replaced once every 15 years.
Handling servers, communication and electrical connections are easily performed, the liquid is safe to touch and completely odorlessand environmentally friendly

Is it possible to baptize every server?

The answer is yes, with the help of three simple steps almost any server can be prepared for immersion. First, remove all the fans, secondly, remove the thermal paste between the processors and the cooling fins, and thirdly, cancel the fan alerts in the BIOS  .  This is diveable. Almost all the leading manufacturers have SKUs of servers designed for immersion cooling technology. Graphic processors, hardware for artificial intelligence applications, etc. It is true that any server can be immersed, but the preference is for high-performance systems that consume a lot of electricity and produce heat accordingly.

Removing all fans, thermal paste and air passages inside the case (chassis)

The leading companies support immersion


Selected applications for immersion servers

Screenshot 2022-05-16 181241.png
Server rooms, data centers, production and backup sites
Screenshot 2022-05-16 182333.png
Fifth generation 5G,  Edge servers for low latency
Screenshot 2022-05-16 182352.png
Smart traffic,  Edge servers for low latency
Hospitals: advanced information processing with minimal space, energy and maintenance overhead


PUE represents the ratio of the total amount of energy used by a data center facility to the energy delivered to computing equipment. The immersion method makes it possible to achieve a low PUE <1.03, to improve the efficiency of the data center even in the climatic conditions of Israel.


The dielectric fluid used, apart from removing heat from the cores, also protects the servers and their components from dust, particles, sudden changes in temperature and humidity, and extends the lifespan of the equipment by tens of percent and increases the time between failures.

Screenshot 2022-05-16 194906.png

Savings of 25%-40% in the cost of ownership, which translates into significant savings in CAPEX (planning, real estate, construction, IT hardware, cables, cooling, piping, etc.) and OPEX (electricity and maintenance). And complete silence in the server room, Entering the room and even before the initial surprise of servers in water (the dielectric liquid), there is no normal noise, you don't hear the noise of the hundreds and thousands of fans of the servers, instead, absolute silence.

Screenshot 2022-05-16 195310.png

The solution can be deployed anywhere and within a few months have a working system for everyone for the required computing power while utilizing every available space.

Screenshot 2022-05-16 195733.png

Characterize the IT equipment you need and get an end-to-end solution also as a service  As a service.

Screenshot 2022-05-16 200213.png


Screenshot 2022-05-16 200854.png

A plug-and-play solution for indoor or outdoor installation, a data center in a box that provides unprecedented high density and efficient infrastructure everywhere. Whether it's a warehouse, an office building, in the heart of the city or in a remote area with harsh climatic conditions and far from the grid, the Micro Pod will be up to the job. Just plug in and go to work.


Heading 2

Data center in a box
A variety of server cabinets in Tbamel

Data center in a container  MegaPod


In response to a growing demand for computing power and efficiency, a mobile facility with a power of 100-800 kilowatts can be set up within a few weeks along with all the advantages of immersion cooling. The data center in the container allows for an unprecedented high density and energy efficiency that is both economical and allows operating within the limitations of a utility connection.

תצורות מגה פוד.png

For a characterization and price quote for an immersion solution only or a complete solution including servers and communications as a service
As a Service


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