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The sensor network that makes any work environment smarter, safer and more efficient

the sensor networkSMBIT LoRa PACK allows operations, production, and safety managers to make a significant leap forward in the work environment they are entrusted with. 

Companies and organizations that have implemented the LoRa sensor network are currently enjoying financial savings, improved safety,  safeguarding property and preventing economic damage. 


What is the LoRa sensor network?

SMBIT LoRa Pack is a series of sensors, buttons and switcheswhich are added to the existing infrastructure in the organization very easily.
The series of sensors are based on LoRa technology, a wireless data link protocol, long-range, reliable and with low power consumption that allows for cheap and negligible maintenance (for a Dodge sensor battery replacement once every 5 years).

Based on this technology, sensors, buttons and even cameras are installed in a wide layout and covering large areas (up to 10 km per set of sensors), which help to better manage the work environment. 

Another facet is a central management system called EkronWIDE that brings together all the sensors (and even other infrastructure components) and enables management and control from a single point of view about the diverse fields of activity in the work environment.

Main advantages

Current management and savings

  • Prevention of theft and loss 

  • Locating infrastructure and equipment for efficient utilization of resources 

  • Supervision of borrowed equipment

  • Energy saving - activation of systems is conditional on the presence and movement of Employees and visitors. 

  • Damage prevention - floods, control of cooling / heating systems, electricity supply, etc.

  • Access control, his doorA. Controlled gates and openings

operation and production

  • Monitoring indicators of environmental conditions

  • Verification of proper supply and warning of malfunctions bthe production chain

  • Monitoring the proper functioning of critical equipment

  • Control and control over Location of equipment and components

  • Maintaining areas and accumulations of sensitive materials, production waste and compliance with regulations

  • Locating people and components 

Safety and Security 

  • Monitoring location and access of employees, suppliers and customers

  • Deploying emergency buttons regardless of the availability of power and communication infrastructure 

  • Identify security threats in real time

  • Warning of floods, breakdowns and dangerous environmental conditions 

  • Safeguarding property and equipment Expensive and sensitive

The company's solutions are embedded in a variety of companies and organizations from the branches of industry, infrastructure, factories, pharma, agriculture, chemicals, construction, trade and services and more. 




manufacturing and industry


Public Institutions



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Emergency buttons for safety and security events

A series of emergency buttons and sensors based on LoRa technology that allows wireless installation in a wide layout and coverage of kilometers, all without maintenance at all and without wiring / need for a power source.  

  • Emergency buttons for deployment in sensitive locations 

  • Wearable distress sensors via employee tag, mobile button, watch button

  • Man Down sensor in case of a fall, accident or loss of consciousness 


Guarding sensitive doors, windows and openings 

A series of sensors that allow remote control of sensitive doors, windows and openings that detect doors and openings.

Possible applications are increased monitoring of storage of dangerous substances, medicines, sensitive production lines, maintenance openings, drainage and ventilation, shafts and more.  

Locating sensitive equipment and people in restricted areas

A series of dedicated tracking sensors that allows real-time monitoring of the location of people and equipment, in order to avoid unnecessary risks, which include dangerous or unauthorized presence in restricted areas.


  • Sensors for locating machines and sensitive equipment / expensive 

  • Wearable location sensors for locating workers 

  • BabySafe sensors are intended for babies and health institutions


Prevention and early warning of floods

Floods are often a safety hazard and cause many damages, using a series of dedicated sensors you can receive an early warning and prevent risks and damage. 

The flood detectors help better protect sensitive or flood-prone places, such as: parking lots, elevator shafts, electrical cabinets, communication rooms, near sensitive equipment or expensive machinery. 

Air quality, temperature and humidity monitoring 

A series of sensors that enable continuous monitoring and alerts on changes in air quality, temperature and humidity, designed to ensure control and monitoring in sensitive spaces such as: patient rooms, storage rooms for materials, food and medicine, refrigerators, etc. 


Remote monitoring and control of power supply

A series of sensors that allows monitoring, control and control of electricity supply at different voltages and powers. 

Possible applications are increased management and monitoring of safety-critical equipment, regular activity of operational systems, means of production, storage, ventilation systems and any electrical item that may affect the current activity. 


SMBIT has been operating since 2012 in the IT field.
The basket of services and products that we provide to our diverse clientele is extremely broad, so we can provide end-to-end service, and take responsibility for the ICT sector at the client's place.

We at SMBIT love new technologies. We believe that new technology leads to a better quality of life, this is not just a slogan, we work to promote cutting-edge technologies such as: Internet systems based on line consolidation, high bandwidth link solutions in millimeter waves, groundbreaking WIFI solutions and more.

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