What does a smart city need?

עודכן ב: 8 פבר 2020

What does a smart city need?

A smart city needs a fast communications infrastructure to connect city verticals like security cameras, public WIFI, schools, public venues, and LoRa gateways (smart city sensor).

Millimeter-wave communication is a quick solution for implementing an urban communications network without roads wrecking. The solution is safe to use and does not constitute a radiation nuisance. The millimeter waves have an FCC and CE certifications for safe public use. The transmission power of the millimeter-wave link is like a home router that everyone has at home.

However, when installing an urban communications network, it is recommended to select a quality link manufacturer with proven MTBF and a professional communications company that can plan, install and maintain (even in the middle of the night). Because the transmitted beam of the millimeter waves is very narrow, there is a great significance to the quality of the alignment of the link Cybersecurity mitigation of the millimeter-wave networks gaining momentum, Following the cyber-attacks on urban infrastructure around the world. It is advisable to choose a communications company that specializes in information security and cybersecurity, not just the physical installation of transmitters.

When designing a unified urban communications network that serves the security, communication, and quality of life of the dwellers in the city, the solution must be planned professionally. The municipality must consider not only the cyber issue, but also topics such as routing, switching, redundancy, survivability, and pub