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SMBIT UBIQUITI יוביקוויטי  WIFI  וויפי מהיר ומשתלם

All about radio wave radiation in a wireless network

The WIFI network works by electromagnetic waves that transfer the information between the surfing point and the computer or smartphone.

The transmission strength   of the WIFI systems marketed in Israel is one of the lowest in the world, thanks to the regulations of the Ministry of Communications.

The equipment that we at SMBIT install complies with the regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Communications.

There is a great advantage in activationmanaged wireless networkFor internet surfing and using smart phone apps. Since your device "feels" that the WIFI point is close to it, it transmits at low power, saves the battery and does not heat up. The amount of radiation produced by your device is usually lower when surfing on managed WIFI than normal cellular surfing. It is important to emphasize that the recommended distance from a wireless router or surfing point is at least 1 meter.

"When comparing the exposure to non-ionizing radiation that comes from wireless routers to the exposure to a cell phone during a conversation, in common use in buildings, it can be seen that the degree of exposure from wireless routers is on the order of 1/10,000 of the personal exposure when using a cell phone." From a websiteyou will know

SMBIT UBIQUITI יוביקוויטי  WIFI  וויפי מהיר ומשתלם
SMBIT UBIQUITI יוביקוויטי  WIFI  וויפי מהיר ומשתלם

The precautionary principle

The SMBIT company adopts the precautionary principle and installs WIFI systems that are safe to use in accordance with the precautionary principle.

The layout of SMBIT systems has minimal radiation, which is achieved by using managed WIFI equipment in a saturated layout. 

Radiation tests

As a company serving the education sector in Israel, we are aware of the importance of the correct and safe deployment of wireless networks. In order to provide a high-quality and safe solution, the company's technicians were trained by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

You can order a radiation test,  after which you will be sent a certificate of compliance with the radiation regulations.

Holder of a permit to provide a service for measuring non-ionizing radiation   M.R. 5115-01

SMBIT UBIQUITI יוביקוויטי  WIFI  וויפי מהיר ומשתלם

General information about radiation

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